Last weekend I stopped by my grandma’s house and it was an eye opener. I always love seeing my grandmother. She has an infectious energy. She always greets you with a smile, a hug, and a kiss. It’s in the way she has and continues to live her life and the way she carries herself.

I’ve never seen her intimidated by or shaken by another woman. Her quiet confidence and welcoming spirit always inspires me to treat other men and women in the same vicinity as a brother/ sister and not a competitor.
Last night I observed something that really just stopped me in my tracks. I was sitting there talking to her and her partner.

My grandmother and her partner, we will call him “Mr. J” (the thought of me posting her business on the Internet, would start World War 3 with her lol), were playing their usual game of dominoes on a Sunday evening.

If you’re familiar with dominoes you know you get points by calling out what you have as you lay down your domino. My grandma called out points that didn’t add up. Mr. J confidently and with sarcasm asked her what she was counting. She had miscounted. If you know my grandmother she’s rarely wrong (insert sarcasm) and she debated him for about 30 seconds before she decided he was right. They laughed and kept playing. It wasn’t the literal action or activity but the Symbolism that made me perk up and take notice. They have a friendship and a bond I admire.

Though he may not agree with her on everything and vice versa they challenge each other respectfully. They aren’t afraid to tell the truth or to tell the other one you’re wrong. They don’t do it to be vindictive, to prove a point, or to be malicious. It’s simple they do it because it’s right. If there is a better option or a better way of doing it they just speak up.
As of late I felt the need for genuine companionship. Not another sexual conquest, not a crush, but someone to eat dinner with, have meaningful conversation with, to talk about music, to talk about life, to play dominos (YES DOMINOS).

It made me hopeful that one day I’ll find that individual who won’t be afraid to challenge me. Someone who won’t be intimidated by me, but will support me for my own good as I plan to do for them. As we challenge each other our egos will not be so large that we can’t laugh when we see the error of our ways.

The hope is that anyone reading this seeking or currently in a relationship will find love that challenges them, keeps them smiling, isn’t intimidated by them, and ultimately allows them to just be friends when it comes down to it!

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