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I’ve always struggled with packing for a trip. Business or personal I always want options and I always think you can’t have too many options. A normal weekend trip would have me lugging a 50lb bag through the airport. 

I think I finally hit my stride in terms of packing around the age of 28. I packed dress shoes I could dress up or down, black jeans that can be dressed up or down and 2-3 pairs of sneakers (usually 1 pair to sneak in a workout or two). 

I found this article to be helpful for the men who struggle with packing as well. For those of you who want to pack a blazer for a potential dressy event or to dress up to an evening event. 

This isn’t an advertisement for Jack Threads, I personally love their deals. They always have a smorgisboard of deals and items most men can use and are always looking for. Particularly for shoes and accessories you can find deals for normally high priced items for $100 or less on any given day. 

Guys be sure to download their app and they also have good tips for men and read how to Pack a Blazer below.  


Jack Threads – How to Pack a Blazer



Imagine if we lived in a society that saw relationships as freedom and not restrictions. We would probably have more individuals working on themselves and developing ourselves as much as we try to develop our partners and potential partners into what we think we want.

Imagine understanding and knowing that the right person with the right kind of love could free you and open your mind rather than restrict you and deter you. We might have more power couples that encourage growth rather than trying to keep our partners stagnant and compliant.

Imagine if we understood that financial freedom requires a little restriction to provide a lot of opportunity. We might have a few more business owners. We might have a few more people who are fully insured (life, health/dental, and home/vehicle) and not just people looking good. 

Imagine if we saw marriages as long term investments instead of special events. Weddings wouldn’t be the expensive to do’s with no longevity in sight.

Imagine if we understood that despite how good of a person you are you would not please everyone! We would focus on doing what is right and not expecting everyone to do as we would do. 
 Imagine if…