Mo Money! Mo Money! Mo Money!

If you are like so many of us on social media, you see hashtags of various travel groups and posts of so many cool items. We are literally inundated with more and more opportunities to travel more, buy more and eat out at concept restaurants than ever before.

The enticing images that we see are great, but then reality hits I am going to afford spending a lot of money to experience these things. How do we add to our budgets and increase our streams of income?

There are two points to consider when pondering the issue. The first point is it will take a little extra (or a lot depending on your goals) to generate new income. The second point is social media, the web and apps making generating revenue easier than ever.

Here are some opportunities for generating income around the holidays and after, separated by commitment level.

Low Commitment Level –


Opportunities like Postmates, Door Dash,  and Lyft require a few hours of your time and can yield $15-$25/ hour in return. The good news is you do not even need a car to participate in many of the digital part time jobs. DoorDash and Postmates allow for you to walk depending on the city you are in or ride your bike. If you participate in uber or lyft you have to have a vehicle that fits their guidelines and carry  special rideshare insurance, be sure to calculate costs associated with participating based on your area of residence.

Door Dash and Postmates differ in two areas, payment and scheduling. Door Dash utilized analytics in a way that allows you to see how much you will make prior to accepting the run. You can also schedule yourself for availability in particular areas. This ensures if you do drive you are not just idle.

Postmates essentially lets you see a heat map, but does not tell you how much you make and does not let you schedule.


You have to pass a background check. I would assume any violent felonies or driving felonies could result in you not being bale to drive for uber or lyft to be aware of that.

If you sign up with Postmates you can get even more EXTRA by using the following referral code “

Complete 10 deliveries IN 21 DAYS and you earn $50 extra or dive right in completing 60 deliveries IN 28 DAYS and you earn $250 EXTRA!

Mild Commitment Level –


Companies like BDS Marketing provide weekend opportunities for professionals. You can make anywhere from $15-$20/ hour working in your local Best Buy and big box retailers. You simply answer questions and demonstrate products to shoppers like yourself. There is remote online training that takes place. The employers will ship you all the materials you need like shirts, display items to test out and you are off to work. You will need access to your own computer and smartphone to complete reports, be sure to factor that in if you do not have those items already. These roles are great for experienced sales and marketing professionals.


There is a lot of talk, standing and walking required in these roles. The good news is there are additional incentives if your demonstrations and discussions lead to additional sales in your stores you work in Be sure you are ready!

High Commitment Level –


The truth is there are a ton of opportunities to freelance depending on your expertise and your location. The freelance opportunities may require a little more effort depending on your niche. There are tons of freelance websites (craigslist; don’t laugh it works!)  where you can submit an Ad for your services.

Are you a teacher? Freelance as a tutor in our area outside of work and YOU can develop curriculum as opposed to teaching a curriculum that may not fit every student.

Are you an accountant? Help a business or individual manage their books and earn substantial income outside of your 9-5 job/ career.


Cushion your pricing to account for taxes you will be charged on your additional income on freelance gigs. Be sure to prepare invoice templates, download free customizable contracts and be prepared to provide status updates and benchmarking depending on what you do.

Hopefully this helps someone reading it. We all wish we could be paid more at our respective jobs. Though you may not directly control your pay you can control the additional income you earn and with the holidays gearing up there are some great opportunities to add to your savings or to your budget.

Share That!

The holidays can mean a lot of different things for a lot of people. For me holidays were a special time. It brought my huge family together (beyond just immediate family) in segments, because we are literally too big to all be together for anything other than a family reunion.

We shared great laughs, we had great food and above everything else you felt Love! Real love, felt through handshakes, and genuine smiles. It did not matter what size or shape you came in, the love came freely.

As an adult, well someone over the age of 18, I made it a goal to share that. Every holiday I invited friends over. Friends who were not going home for holidays, friends who may have not had any family left, and friends who were disconnected from their family, for whatever reason.

So as my 3rd holiday away from my family approaches I encourage those who have the ability to share their family and their love with others. Though I am not able to open up a home to anyone this year one of my goals is to eventually do that.

This year provided many blessings and a lot more challenges. Moving to LA with no job, no car, and no stable home to call my own was terrifying. Spending my birthday alone and away from fellowship provided a real eye opener. Through all that I have been working towards this next chapter of my life. It looks different than before and it is more free spirited than ever.

Despite my challenges of being distanced from family and working at establishing connections and a real network in LA I am encouraged. Encouraged that genuine love does exist, between friends, between family and between strangers!

So I encourage everyone to share more LOVE. Every chance you get. Though this message is specifically about Holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza go beyond that. Be intentional with your Love and share it without the expectation of reciprocation!

Happy Holidays!